ROLL’ATHLON100 2020 – CANCELLED – Join US on JUNE 6Th 2021


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the extended lockdown annouced by the French government until at least My 11th, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Roll’Athlon100.

We will soon get in touch we some of you who have already registered for a refund process

Pleas follow your govenrment advices, and stay activ anyway to be ready to challenge the 100k with us!

L’image contient peut-être : 3 personnes
L’image contient peut-être : 3 personnes, personnes debout et plein air

NEXT EDITION: Sunday, June 7th 2020.
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Back in 2019

Roll’Athlon100 is an adventure. Those who did it in 2019, as well as any other edition know it well. From Ewen Fernandez and Flavie Balandras, winners of this 2019 edition toward any skater, skier or volunteers, we face ourself. Alone, sometimes, but mostly supported, would it be by a friend, a pack or a volunteer.

This spirit is the one that takes all actors, whatever its role in the event. All dimensions of the Roll’Athlon100 can be set only all together.

Thank you all for this new edition

Visit the result page and pics/videos page for the beautiful pics made by our official photographs and some from the inside videos done by skaters.

Hélène, Margaux, Dominique, Françoise, Fanny, Cléophée, Didier, Thierry, Francis & Julien thank you for taking part and for your commitment to this adventure

Roll’athlon 100 start
Suivez nous !







Pour vous, pour nous, pour Jean-Lou