The route

80% of the route goes on open road, always secured by staff members. The 20% left are Via Rhôna tracks.

Along the route, you will find:

  • 8/9 Drink & Food stations: Chindrieux (km15), Lucey (km29), Carottes (km45), Murs-et-Gélignieux (km55), Brens (km67), Belley (km74), Lac de Bart (km78), Lavours (km84), Anglefort (96)
  • 5 time fences : Chindrieux, Chanaz, La Balme, Murs-et-Gélignieux, Lac de Bart
  • 2 finish lines: Brens, Seyssel
  • 4 hot spots:
    • 2 “grimpeur” : Chanaz (km22) and Rhémoz (km101)
    • 2 “sprinter” : Yenne (km35) and Brens (km67)

Uphills & downhills

Three main rising slopes will give your heart rate a kick, out of this mostly flat and winding 103-kilometres race course along the river Rhône:

a 700-meters slope, right after the first kilometre
a 1.1-kilometres ascent coming out of Chanaz (km 22, 1st climber intermediate sprint). And finally,
a 3.7 kilometers ascent when exiting Anglefort (from km 96 to km 100), divided into three slopes separated by flat and slightly downhill sections: 1 km in Anglefort, 500 m in Mieugy and finally 300 m at the top of the hill, with the 2nd climber intermediate sprint at Corbonod (Rhémoz).

Downhill sections along the race course are rather gentle, and don’t present any particular difficulty, and they will be clearly signposted ahead.