Enjoy the pictures of our official photograph Didier Parcollet


Again, visit Didier Parcollet web page:
They are free of any rights as long as you mention the photograph’s name.

2015 and before
Some pictures from 2015 arez available here

Enjoy also those from the first pack motorbike (thanks David for the pictures)

2014 by mediaskate
2013 by mediaskate



Many thanks to EvilTeamRider for this 2017 videos (3 years, 3 videos!)

Simon Gerard‘s video, with his surprising commentaries: do not miss it! Thank you Simon.

Roller En ligne video
The Teaser 2017


No official video because ofdiverse strikes in France in may…
Follow the links:

First ladies pack:

EvilTeamRider (many thanks…)

And before:
Once again EvilTeamRider in 2015
In 2014, ReL and Mediskate for this 45 long video. Enjoy!

The route from the air
And the very nice one from Seyssel TV about the making-of

The Teaser

The start, by


And so forth

And some relics from the first edition
A 2’13 trailer for 2012 (thanks Mathias !)
The Interview, of The Orignal Organisation Team, by Roller-en-ligne